Double RR Studios

Audition Express

Audition Express at Double RR Studios & Production is a service we provide for busy actors who need to lay down their tracks and get going with their hectic schedules.

We all know that the life of an actor can get a little crazy, and auditions can come at the very last second – so if you’re dealing with long lines at your agency, got a last second audition, or simply can’t make it over the hill or you’re crunched for time, come on over to the recording studios at Double RR Studios & production located right in the San Fernando Valley in Sherman Oaks!

Work with a professional audio engineer who can direct you, then send off your .mp3 files (or whatever other format you need) right off your agent, casting service, or wherever it needs to go!

Cost is $1 a minute with a $10 minimum.

We do our absolute best to accommodate actor schedules and make your life easier!

Call (818)-465-0150 / (818) 285 2309  or e-mail our chief audio Engineer Andrew Meisner directly to check availability and schedule an appointment!