The Famous Radio Ranch


Here at The Double RR Studios we’re proud to have spacious, client-friendly mixing and production rooms, a quaint kitchen area, a comfy conference room, and Wi-Fi.  We offer remote services via Source Connect, Phone Patch, and Zoom.

Control Rooms feature the following gear:
⁍ Studiolive 32S Series III Mixing Console
⁍ Pro Tools 2020 & Logic Pro
⁍ UA 2-610 Tube Mic Pre Amp
⁍ Millenia HV-3C Solid State Mic Pre Amp
⁍ Neumann TLM49
⁍ Electro Voice RE-20
⁍ Sennheiser 416 Shotgun
⁍ Phone Patch or Zoom for live Monitoring and Directing
⁍ Additional microphones including Lavalier
⁍ Source Connect Remote Connection

If you have further questions about gear or software, please contact our Chief Engineer Myron Chandler at (818) 390-0048