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Upcoming Class Schedule

It’s SUMMER at the Double RR Studios School Of Voice Over Acting!

Check out our schedule of upcoming classes here at the Voice Over School of Double RR Studios! You’ll find voice acting classes in every discipline possible, right here at the best voice over school in Los Angeles! Not only do we offer a wide variety of very specific types of voice over classes in the San Fernando Valley, we also offer a variety of experience levels for each discipline. Make sure to check back often to see what it being offered at a given time!


The Rodeo

Thursdays August 23 – September 27

Alyson Steel discusses the tools of the trade needed for a variety of niche VO jobs like Smart voice, GPS narration, and more!

6 weeks, $650


Tuesdays September 11 – October 16

Audiobooks are the marathon of the industry! Learn the tools of the trade for long form reading and one of the fastest growing parts o the VO industry!

6 weeks, $600



Thursday April 28

Maintain your skills in this one night class!

Guest Director: Josh Rappaport, Casting Brothers

Video Game Round Up

Tuesday May 17

You’ve been hearing voices in your head so corral ‘em and put’em to work. From the fantastic to the pragmatic, we’ll show you how to develop your “cast of characters.”


Thursday May 26

What do you do when you have a bad director? Learn how “shoot from the hip” with this Class in voice over self defense.


Wednesday June 8

Maintain your skills in this one night class!

Guest Director: , Vox Talent Agency


  • All classes at the Double RR Studios School of Voice Over Acting meet from 7-10 pm (unless otherwise noted)
  • Admission to ADVANCED ONLY classes left up to the discretion of instructor
  • 101A classes are $500.00 per 6 week class
  • 101B classes are $550.00
  • 101C,  2.0, The Hoedown, Gunslinger, and all Promo and ADVANCED classes are $650.00
  • Cost of the Commercial Sharp Shooter and Horse Sense Seminar is $85.00 for the evening
  • Cost for Marksman master class is $195.00
  • Holler up Mizz Laurel for any questions that need answerin’ – (661) 600-3365
  • Holler up Mizz Dolores to sign up di-rectly – (818) 465-0150
  • Schedules are subject to change

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