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It’s SUMMER at the Double RR Studios School Of Voice Over Acting!

Check out our schedule of upcoming classes here at the Voice Over School of Double RR Studios! You’ll find voice acting classes in every discipline possible, right here at the best voice over school in Los Angeles! Not only do we offer a wide variety of very specific types of voice over classes in the San Fernando Valley, we also offer a variety of experience levels for each discipline. Make sure to check back often to see what it being offered at a given time!




The Foreman – Directing and self-directing ADVANCED ONLY

Tuesday June 6 – August 1

(no classes June 12, July 4, July 11)

An advanced level class focused on directing. Students will learn how to direct each other and how to self-direct in situation where they must record auditions on their own. This is a required skill in this industry!

6 weeks, $550

Animation/Video Games Round Up 101A

Thursdays June 22 – August 3

The introduction to animation and video games! This is where you started to learn about developing a stable of characters and how to interpret what’s on the page and make it real!

6 weeks, $500


 Commercial Cutter 101C

Mondays July 31 – September 11 (No class September 4)

The advanced level of commercials!

6 weeks, $650

Sharpshooter AUGUST edition (PRO Level)

Tuesday, August 8

1 night, $85

Guest Director: Jennifer Trujillo, Disney Animation

Animation/Video Games Round Up 101B

Thursdays August 10 – September 14

The intermediate class for animation and video games! This is where you started to learn about developing a stable of characters and how to interpret what’s on the page and make it real!

6 weeks, $550


Tuesdays August 15 – September 19

Documentaries, industrials, attractions, PSAs, and more! Learn the art of long form narration!

Sharpshooter SEPTEMBER edition (PRO Level)

Tuesday, September 6

1 night, $85

Guest Director TBA

Promo Roper  101C

Tuesdays September 26 – October 31

The advanced level of promo with director Joyce Cestellanos!

6 weeks, $650

Sharpshooter OCTOBER edition (PRO Level)

Monday, October 9

1 night, $85

Guest Director: Dean Panaro, Abrams Artists Agency

Sharpshooter NOVEMBER edition (PRO Level)

Tuesday, November 2

1 night, $85

Guest Director: Alyssa Gentile, VOX

Accents for Actors, The Sequel

Mondays November 6 – December 11

Train yourself in accents and dialects with Alyson Steel!

6 weeks, $650

The Hoe Down (PRO LEVEL)

Tuesdays November 7 – December 12

An PRO level class that features 3 guest directors from the commercials, video games, and animation industries!

6 weeks, $650



  • All classes at the Double RR Studios School of Voice Over Acting meet from 7-10 pm
  • Admission to ADVANCED ONLY classes left up to the discretion of
  • 101A classes are $500.00 per 6 week class
  • 101B classes are $550.00
  • 101C,  2.0, The Hoedown, Gunslinger, and all Promo and ADVANCED classes are $650.00
  • Cost of the Commercial Sharp Shooter and Horse Sense Seminar is $85.00 for the evening
  • Cost for Marksman master class is $195.00
  • Holler up Mizz Laurel for any questions that need answerin’ – (661) 600-3365
  • Holler up Mizz Dolores to sign up di-rectly – (818) 465-0150
  • Schedules are subject to change

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