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About Voice Over School

Over 24 Double RR Studios VO Students Have Been Signed by Major LA Talent Agencies

“Here it’s more personal.”  Kelli Jordon

We Don’t Have A Revolving Door of Actors parading Through our Studio…

“I had no idea how different Double RR Studios was from other VO schools  It’s more like a community, a family…”  Sean Rohani

Frankly, We Like It That Way

“I learned more at DOuble RR Studios is 3 hours than I did in 6 weeks elsewhere.”  John Maritato

Want the career?  Come over here…

  • Staffed by working professionals
  • Workouts with LA’s top VO agents and casting directors
  • Guest Directors include: Andrea Romano, Abigail D’Andrea, Aaron Drown, Haris Orkin, Amanda Wyatt, Lisa Orkin, Randy Thomas, Jennifer Trujill0, Julia Pleasants


Brock Powell                  Represented by Vox / God of War video game for PS4

Michel Young                 Narration for OX Exchange /  Icons:  Combat Arena, video game for Wavedash Games, Inc.

Calvin Johnson            VO in Search feature film / Comcast national spot

Kiel Adams                      Shiness video game directed by Michael Csurics / Secret of Mana video game directed by Amanda Wyatt

Courtney Lin Jones   Bark Thins, internet ad / Shiness, video game directed byMichael Csurics / Narrator, Planet Power documentarydirected by Jeff Howell  / Secret of Mana video game directed by Amanda Wyatt

Jevon Ali-Parry          Narrator, Kissing Tennessee, audiobook for Simon & Schuster

Emily Wahlund          Shiness video game directed by Michael Csurics

Nathan Nonhof           Skechers on-camera commercial

Jamal Fahim                Sonic radio spot / Phillips 66 radio spot / Major Animated Feature to be released in 2019

John Madison Tye    Doc McStuffins, Disney TV Animation / Sonic radio spot

Laurel Kathleen        Narrator, Kissing Tennessee, audiobook for Simon & Schuster

All of the above are represented by Marci Polzin, Artistic Talent, LA

Julia Idarola                Signed with Marci Polzin of Artistic Talent, LA for VO and on-camera representation


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  • All classes  meet from 7-10 pm
  • Holler up Mizz Laurel for any questions that need answerin’ – (661) 600-3365
  • Holler up Mizz Dolores to sign up di-rectly – (818) 465-0150
  • If you would like to contact Dolores by e-mail, click here
  • These educational events are structured for VO actors to connect with VO professionals.The presence of an industry pro is not a guarantee of employment nor representation.