Double RR Studios


Double R Studios is located in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, on
Ventura Boulevard between Fulton and Woodman Avenues–
just a hop, skip, and little jump from Universal Studios, Warner
Brothers, and Disney.

We are a FULL-SERVICE audio production facility with an
experienced resource of veteran engineers, producers, writers,
casting directors, voice directors, composers, and musicians.
To discuss rates or book studio time, Contact Sandy
Orkin or call (818) 429 9299 / (818)

At Double RR Studios, we can help you through every phase of
production. We can assist with casting, writing, music, voice
direction, sound design, and anything else needed to bring your
sound idea to fruition.
Whether it’s a Radio or TV commercial, a
documentary, podcast, a video game, or an audiobook, etc., we
have a national reputation for excellence.

We are located in Sherman Oaks, Ca. and are centrally located
on Ventura Blvd in the San Fernando Valley between Studio
City and Encino.