Double RR Studios
A great recording studio requires more than perfect acoustics, or state of the art equipment, or a beautiful, comfortable, well-appointed client work space, though those are all absolutely necessary. What makes a great recording studio are the people who work there and their expertise and at Double RR Recording we are masters in a few specific areas of audio excellence. When it comes to producing radio spots, our engineers, producers, and casting directors are the best in L.A. The radio commercials we’ve produced have won every award there is to win in advertising. More importantly, they cut through the clutter and grab attention and generate sales, foot traffic, hits and phone calls. Our other area of expertise is in writing, casting and recording VO for video games. We’ve worked on some of the biggest games of the last ten years with companies from all over the world. (Companies like EA, Ubisoft, Techland, Warner Brothers, Deep Silver, and Activision.) Of course, we are also experts when it comes to recording audio books, promos, narration and any other kind of VO. Whether you’re a creative director, a copywriter, or a producer, our entire mission at Double RR Recording is to help you birth your creative baby. (Not to mention, impress the powers that be.)