Double RR Studios

“Buffalo Bill” Control Room

Buffalo Bill Control Room Client Area

There’s a large client work space with lots of room for laptops and scripts and double decaf lattes.   Enough comfortable chairs for producers, copywriters, clients, and the client’s extended family.  All the drinks, munchies, and pampering you can stand.  Plus lots of fancy equipment with cool blinking lights and illuminated displays, so that everyone will be appropriately impressed.  Some of this gear includes…

• Mac Pro Dual core Xeon (2.66ghz/4gb Ram)

• 3 Port Glyph Swap Drive

• Pro Tools 10

• Digidesign Control 24

• HD192 Accel

• Digidesign Sync I/O

• UA 2-610 Tube Mic Pre Amps

• Millenia Solid State Mic Pre Amps

• DBX 160 Compressors

• Zephyr Telos Xstream ISDN box

• Avid-Mojo for Real Time Video

• 46” HD LCD Monitor

• Custom Portable “Sync to Video” Station