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Having The Time Of Your Life: Little Lessons To Live By

“Having The Time Of Your Life: Little Lessons to Live By” is a collection of 500 quotes to amuse and to think about, collected by Allen Klein. At Double RR Studios we recorded and produced the audio book version of this book, narrated by Sandy Orkin. It is now available at iTunes and other locations. From the publisher’s description:

The big questionHaving The Time Of Your Life Book Covers come to us at different times. Whether just starting college, about to have a first child, or considering a new house or job, at some point we’ve all asked, “Why am I here? What is life? What am I doing?” In Having the Time of Your Life, Allen Klein helps us come to terms with these questions and have a few laughs along the way. He has collected 500 inspiring and uplifting quotations on the endlessly fascinating subject of life itself. From Lily Tomlin to Abraham Lincoln, the people quoted in this book have perspective to offer everyone, no matter which of life’s many roads they may be traversing. Don’t let the heavy questions weigh you down! With selections covering topics ranging from finding forgiveness to making music, this book offers a healthy dose of the motivation and levity we all need.